Simple Social Media "Share" Buttons

I've recently included social media "share" buttons both here on this site, and at (whether or not they serve any useful purpose is another question entirely).

A problem with implementing them, though, is that each site wants you to include a boatload of javascript along with the button images, and you also have to set the button within an iframe or other weird DOM construct foreign to your page layout.

Getting each of the buttons to line up in a simple row is so tricky, in fact, that a bunch of third party services have cropped up to do the work for you.

But if you don't care about having the current number of "likes" or "shares" displayed, there is a simpler way.

My technique is based on this approach by Steve Wortham and reddit's method for using javascript within the link to identify the window.location and use that to build the share link dynamically.

For the button images, I used Fatcow's Free Icons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

Reddit and Pinterest both provide button icons (though for Pinterest I had to download the png logo file and scale it down to the same size as the others).

Except for reddit, none of the sites offered hosting (without involving all the extraneous javascript includes I didn't want in the first place), so I used Imgur.