Sadaharu Oh

The Flip-Book from "Sadaharu Oh: A Zen Way of Baseball"

I found out about the book Sadaharu Oh: A Zen Way of Baseball from Eric Neel's old column for ESPN Page 2.

More than just a simple biography of Oh, it delves into the philosophy of hitting as a process, with detours in Zen and Aikido along the way.

But what really got my attention was this bonus feature Neel mentioned:

quoteA flip-book sequence of his up-on-one-leg hitting style right in the middle of the book. (This alone is worth the cost of the book.)

This video was created from still image snapshots found in the upper right corner of all the odd-numbered pages between pp. 135-169.

They were meant to be flipped to create a primitive animation of Oh's famous flamingo batting stance, but since the book is out of print, I took snapshots of those pages manually, and compiled the stills into video using this technique.